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English classes
Private or group classes.

Why don't you try out one time ?
First class 3000 yen. If you become a contracted student you get your money back the first month.
No sign up fee.

Kindergarten students, elementary school students.
private class: 9000 yen/month. 1 class/week.
group class: 4000-6000 yen/month. 1 class/week.

Junior high school students, high school students, adults.
Private class: 12000 yen/month. 1 class/week. Join one of our free group classes.
2 students: 10000 yen/month. 1 class/week. Join one of our free group classes.
3 students: 8000 yen/month. 1 class/week. Join one of our free group classes.
4 students: 6000 yen/month. 1 class/week. Join one of our free group classes.

groups with more than 4 students: please contact me to get a price.

Don't have time to come to class every week ?
Free students 4500 yen / class.

Every class is 50 minutes.


Some good reasons to learn English.

-Make international friends: make friends on-line, in Japan or when you travel abroad. Speaking English will make it easier to meet different people from all over the world.

-Travel: when you speak English it is a lot easier to travel. You don't have to take organized tours anymore. Go to a country and visit the things you would like to see. Traveling will become also cheaper. You can look for hotels and tickets on-line to get better deals.

-Work: English is still the de facto business language. As Japan will become more and more oriented to the rest of the world English will keep becoming more important. This is already visible in the policy of some companies like Rakuten and Uniqlo.

-Culture: watch movies in English, listen to English music, read English books. I think movies should be watched and books read in the original language as much as possible. A translation can be very good but you will always lose something in the process of translating.

-Information: read international newspapers on-line, look up reports in English and broaden your horizon. There are a lot of good reasons to study English and it is not as difficult as most people believe it is.


I teach from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.
Lessons are 50 minutes.
I use my own materials for kindergarten kids. Learning vocabulary through easy games is the usual way to study with 4-6 years old.
For elementary school students I recommend the Let's Go English books. They help building vocabulary and also introduces short, easy sentences.
Junior high school students start with short easy texts that uses a 750 words vocabulary. About half of this vocabulary will be known through previous studying. Learning more complex sentences structures and basic grammar are the main points.
For adults I use short text adapted to the level of the student as the main material. Students are more than welcome to bring their own text of interests to use for studying: articles, reviews, song texts, books, ...
It is always good to try to learn English connected to something that interests you. If you like cooking the lessons can concentrate on food, food preparation techniques and everything related to gourmet dining. This can go from going shopping for ingredients to the right expressions to use in a restaurant when ordering food.

Students' voice

I work at a customer service center as a supervisor. Sometimes, I need to communicate with customer who only speak English. When talking on the telephone, I think that it's most important to know vocabulary, especially verbs, because I have to explain how to use our toys. books, etc.
I think Wim's lessons are well-balanced. Reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and speaking are included in every lessons.
I'm very satisfied about his lessons. I recommend Wim's lesson to everyone who wants to study English, French or Dutch.



I can teach groups up to eight students at my house please contact me to get more information.
For larger groups it is possible to arrange accommodation close to a convenient place for the students.